Travel Tip Tuesday's

Each Tuesday, I will be providing a new travel tip to help you plan and save for your next trip! These Travel tips will be posted on all of the Queen On The Go social media pages, as well as listed here to give you a comprehensive list!

1) Visit the Popular Tourist Sites in a City!

There is a common notion that tourist attractions are not worth seeing and visitors should opt for other adventures. I love getting lost in a new city and ending up off the beaten path, however, there are some places that you just have to see with your own eyes!

Would you go to Paris for the first time and NOT want to lay eyes on the Eiffel Tower? Probably not! Don’t let anyone discourage you from seeing the things that prompted your decision to visit that city!

Travel Pro Tip: Do your research ahead of time and see when the BEST time to visit attractions. This will save you precious vacation time and possibly money too!

2) Make Travel a Priority!

If you want to travel more, you MUST make it a priority! If you don’t have enough money to travel, but you have a closet full of designer clothes & bags, or a house full of stuff that’s not being used, then you’ve gotta make some changes.

I’ve been able to travel as much as I do because I’ve made it a priority. I will forego eating out and buying fancy handbags & shoes if it means I can take a vacation to some place new! You’d be surprised how much money you can save to travel once you decide to channel your energy and focus towards making travel a priority. I don’t own many things, but I’ve got a mind full of memories! Think of at least 3 things you could give up to save some extra money to travel.

Once you’ve decided to make travel a priority, be sure to sign up for the Queen On The Go - Travel For The Low virtual online class! In just 1.5 hours, I’ll teach you the tips and tricks I use to save money on travel.

3) Leave Room for Spontaneity!

Some of my greatest adventures have come from aimlessly wandering around a destination. While I do enjoy planned excursions and itineraries, I also have a fond appreciation for having time to explore. Every destination is so unique and different in many ways that I try to immerse myself into the culture and mingle among the locals as much as possible.

Be sure your schedule isn’t so tight that you don’t have time to explore and indulge in the one-of-a-kind adventures that await your curiosity while traveling!