The Village Market ATL - Spring Fest Experience

The Village Market ATL Spring Fest

Imagine spending 4 to 5 hours surrounded by hundreds of dope people who look like you. Now add shopping with over 80+ small business owners, some of the most amazing artwork you ever seen, DJ’s spinning, and eating delicious plant-based foods throughout 30,000+ sq. ft. Sounds pretty amazing right? This is exactly what I experienced attending the Village Market ATL Spring Fest on Saturday, April 2nd held at Ambient+ Studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Village Market ATL (TVMATL) is a quarterly marketplace providing entrepreneurs and small business owners an opportunity to showcase their many talents and products. The market features live performances, art, and a plant-based village cafe. TVMATL was created by Dr. Lakeysha Hallmon and focuses on supporting the sustainability of social conscious, community-minded, entrepreneurs and startups. TVMATL has created a marketplace where we gather as a community, circulate our dollars, and celebrate each other!

My Experience

The Spring market was my 2nd TVMATL event (first was Thanksgiving weekend in 2017) and it was even bigger than before. I went through the TVMATL Instagram page to find out which vendors were attending so that I could identify any of my favorites and decide which products I wanted to check out. My boyfriend Sean and I arrived promptly at 5 pm and there was a line of beautiful melanated people down the street waiting to enter Ambient+ Studio. After a short wait, we walked up the stairs and stepped into a huge space filled with rows of vendors and delicious scents of candles, essential oils, and body butters.

From my previous experience at TVMATL, I knew that I needed to make a dash to the Village cafe area to grab a big cup of strawberry lemonade from Lemonade Mixology before their line got super long. As we made our way through the building, I just kept thinking “This is so freaking dope!” There were over 80 vendors, many plant-based food options, and tons of amazing art hanging on the walls of the hallways. The most exciting part was seeing 3 large murals painted on the walls, one sporting the infamous phrase “Support is a VERB” which was coined by TVMATL. After a mini photo shoot and a short wait in line, I was ready to explore and shop!

I had an opportunity to chat with many of the small business owners to see what they were offering and to learn a bit about their story. Some of the owners I spoke with were authors, clothing designers, jewelry makers, and skincare aficionados.

I absolutely love supporting small businesses, especially those that make handmade items. There were so many amazing products available, I really wish I could’ve purchased them all! Thankfully, we have social media and eCommerce, so I can stay connected with the businesses and make additional purchases in the near future. My top 3 purchases of the evening were a Pineapple Sage Candle from Elixir Candle Company, waistbeads from Alaiyo Waistbeads, and a Vanilla Magnesium Infused Body Cream from Dope Minerals.

Village Cafe

In between shopping and networking, I worked up an appetite and headed to explore the many plant-based food vendors in the Village Cafe. As a plant-based eater, I was super excited to be at an event where I didn’t have to question whether items had animal products or not. Although I have a tree nut allergy, I found many options to try! Here’s a recap of the food I got to eat:

BBQ Meatball Sub from Green Soma Cafe

Better Way Alfredo Pasta from Healthy Nuggets

Island Goodness and Island Punch drinks from Chef Levy Indulge Your Taste Buds

Shawnee’s Goodies - Sample of Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

There were so many food vendors selling 100% Plant-Based foods and everything that I tried was absolutely delicious!


The Village Market ATL Spring Fest was LIT! There is no other way to describe this amazing event. For 5 hours (Yes, we were there the entire event because there was just that much to see and do!), I was surrounded by dope people, businesses, products, & delicious plant-based food. I was fortunate to meet so many amazing Queens (and Kings) & I thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of my favorite vendors, as well as gaining some new favorites. I love everything about TVMATL and what it stands for…We ALL can win!

The next Village Market ATL fest is in July, so if you’re looking for a unique shopping or vending experience, be sure to check out TVMATL!