New Content Schedule!

Since closing the QOTG travel agency in January, I’ve completely revamped the Queen On The Go platform. As someone who gets bored very easily, I needed to create a platform that would hold my attention and embody all of the things that I am passionate about (Travel, Lifestyle, & Business) on a regular basis. You will find the daily content schedule that I have created specifically for the Queen On The Go Facebook and Instagram pages below. This blog is something that I have wanted for many years, and you’ll even come across older blog posts from time to time, but I never really had the consistency necessary to keep it established. Once I get a feel for the flow of the blog content, I will post a more updated frequency schedule. Until then you can expect new blog posts every Wednesday and Sunday!


Motivation Mondays are designed to give you an extra boost to start your week.

Travel Tip Tuesday.png

Travel Tip Tuesdays will give you expert advice on how to plan and save on your next trip.

You're truly divine..png

On Wednesdays I will recognize the Queen of the Week and highlight what makes that woman amazing! Click here to nominate a Queen.

Thrive Thursday.png

Thrive Thursdays will provide insight and tips related to personal and professional development, finances, and starting a business

Empowerment Fridays Template.png

Empowerment Fridays features an empowering quote that aids in finishing the week and having a productive mindset

Small Biz Saturdays will showcase a woman-owned small business. Applications to be featured can be found here.

Health & Wellness Sundays.png

Health & Wellness Sundays will provide information and quick tips that we can incorporate to live healthier lives.


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I look forward to connecting with you all very soon!