Millennium Tour 2019 Review


When I first heard about the Millennium tour on Instagram, I immediately thought it would be a super dope concert. I had flashbacks of my middle and high school days filled with tunes from some of my favorite artists of the time. When I saw that Mario and Lloyd were going to be on the tour, I was pumped as they are in my top 5 list of R&B singers! As soon as the presale dropped, I purchased tickets to the Greensboro, NC show on Sunday, March 17th.

As the tour date approached, my anticipation continued to build, and I started to search the web for reviews of the Millennium Tour thus far. I found a few clips on IG, but I couldn’t find any in-depth reviews of the tour overall, so I went into the concert expecting a great show!

In my opinion, the tour was underwhelming and actually kind of boring. Other cities, may have had different experiences, but as for the show in Greensboro, I’d give this tour a solid C-.

Check out my experience and review below:


The doors at the Greensboro Coliseum opened at 6:30pm, we arrived at 7:20pm, and the show began promptly at 7:30pm. After a very quick intro from the local radio hosts at 102 Jamz, Chingy took the stage. I was instantly reminded of the days where we hit the chicken head and tried our hardest to imitate the St. Louis accent by adding “Urrr” to the end of everything! Chingy appeared on stage, but it was so dark, we couldn’t actually tell if it was him or not! There were no background dancers, however clips from his videos played on the screens behind the stage. By the end of his 15 minute set, the lighting has slightly improved, it was just a little too late. There were no memorable moments during his set, but the crowd was rocking! No one could resist dancing to “I Like That” or “Right Thurr”!

Chingy Performance Grade: C

Bobby V.

There were mere minutes between Chingy’s set ending and Bobby V. taking the stage. At this point, the lighting had been fixed and Bobby V appeared on stage to perform. Vocally he sounded great and he played the keyboard on the stage. Like Chingy, Bobby V had no background dancers, but there were clips of his old videos on the screens. His set was also about 15-20 minutes, which barely gave him enough time to get through his chart toppers. Bobby V. had some tunes (“Slow Down” and “Beep”), so I could see why he was added to the tour.

Bobby V. Performance Grade: B


Again, only mere minutes between Bobby V’s set ending and Lloyd taking the stage. I was actually really shocked to see Lloyd performing before Ying Yang and Pretty Ricky, as I thought he was a much bigger artist. Nonetheless, I was super excited to see Lloyd as he is one of my Top 5 Male R&B singers of all time! Lloyd entered the arena from the floor and walked through the crowd and onto the stage, it was little too casual, but he’s such a laid back artist, I shouldn’t have expected any different. Lloyd rocked the stage and gave an amazing performance, as usual, but it lasted only 20 minutes. Lloyd, who just recently dropped a new album titled “Tru”, didn’t have nearly enough time to go through his countless “millennium” hits under Murder Inc. nor his newer music. As a fan, I felt slighted, and I sat in disbelief as he walked back off stage and exited the arena back through the arena floor. We could’ve easily used another 15 minutes to rock with this “Southside” and “Lay It Down” smooth singer!

Lloyd Performance Grade: B

Ying Yang Twins

After being disappointed by Lloyd’s short set, I knew the arena was about to get LIT because the Ying Yang Twins were coming on! Ying Yang Twins had hits with everyone under the sun and to this day it’s rare that you go to a party and NOT hear at least one of their songs (“Wait” & “Salt Shaker”). Unfortunately, I believe the Ying Yang Twins are past their prime when it comes to performing. Not only was their 25 minute set long and drawn out, their performance was a hot mess. D-Roc was walking through the crowd with little to no energy, while Kaine hobbled back and forth across the stage (as if he was intoxicated) and at one point was crawling across the stage like a dog. They were clearly tired and both took a seat at one point during their set. Honestly, I think they could’ve been left off the tour, especially given the fact that the other performers sets were so short. Their performance just didn’t fit with the tour at all.

Ying Yang Performance Grade: D-

Pretty Ricky

Pretty Ricky was one of my favorite boy bands as a teenager. They performed exactly how they did back in the day, the only difference was instead of humping and grinding on air, they now had women background dancers. Pleasure P (my favorite member) still sounded amazing! Their 20 minute set took me back to my memories at the Scream Tour where singing sexual songs and screaming at half-naked men were highlights. (Thank God for growth!) It’s funny how at times I felt their set was “doing too much” but they performed as if it was 2005 all over again. I almost forgot how many singles Pretty Ricky had as they quickly went through their catalog (“Grind On Me” & “Your Body”), still not missing a beat! Their set was fun and energizing!

Pretty Ricky Performance Grade: B


After a 15 minute intermission, Mario took the stage with 2 background dancers. Of all the artists, I was most excited to see Mario, as I had not seen him in many years! Mario did not disappoint when it came to his vocals and showmanship. As an artist with 5 studio albums and 17 singles, the 25 minute set that he was given was not nearly enough time to give a proper performance. While there were hits that Mario did not perform, he did perform one of my favorite songs of all time “Let Me Love You” which happens to be one of the most played singles of our time! Given the short amount of time, I felt as if Mario gave the strongest performance of the night. Of all the acts on the Millennium tour, he should have either been the headliner or been given more time.

Mario Performance Grade: A


Between Mario and B2k’s set, the non-funny host appeared and went around the arena letting different people sing on the mic. It was literally like a bootleg version of “Showtime At the Apollo”, except we didn’t come to see amateur acts, but rather the Millennium Tour! The crowd and myself started to become restless as we waited for B2K to take the stage! Finally, after 30 minutes of mediocre singing, it was time for B2K! Surely after waiting for 30 minutes, their set was going to be lit right? NOPE! After the initial introduction and the fireworks sizzling as they each jumped up from the bottom of the floor, the excitement quickly died down. B2K had many hits, however their overall performance was just okay. I expected them to put on a show, especially since they were the headliners, but it felt as if they were just going through the motions. Omarion and Raz B appeared to have a lot more energy than J. Boog and Lil Fizz (unfortunately, Fizz was still off beat and behind the other members, just like back in the day!) B2K had 2 women background dancers, which gave an unequal look as they danced with the group. Perhaps 4 dancers or no dancers would’ve been a better option.

During their 50 minute set, Omarion was given 20 minutes where he performed many of his solo hits like “Ice Box” and “Pose To Be”. We know that Omarion is a great dancer and a good singer, so I actually enjoyed his mini set over the B2K set as a whole. Unfortunately, the B2K set had no memorable moments and their overall performance was just boring.

B2K Performance Grade: C-

Overall Millennium Tour Review

Overall Millennium Tour Grade: C-

This show felt more like a showcase or talent show vs a full blown concert. The idea for the tour was dope, but the execution was lackluster. I expected more, particularly from B2K, whom were the headliners and were given 50 minutes to perform. I feel that the line-up was too heavy and at times the show felt rushed, thus taking away from the overall experience. I was really disappointed to see that Lloyd and Mario both has such short sets, considering they are the only artists that are still currently making music. The tour could’ve (and probably should’ve) left Ying Yang Twins off of the tour and also picked a better “host” to fill the void time in between sets. Overall, if you just enjoy hearing old jams, then grab tickets on Groupon and go to the show. If you have high expectations for concerts, just know that this tour isn’t going to quench your thirst for showmanship at all!