10 Reasons to Travel More in 2019

We all know that life can be hectic and we’re often over-scheduled, over-worked, and could use a lot more rest and relaxation. Finding time to do anything other than work, eat, sleep, while trying to have some sort of social life can prove almost impossible. The reality of this situation is far too common; however, it isn’t really a healthy way to live, quite frankly it’s more like existing than living!

Therefore, we must work to build a lifestyle that balances work, our basic needs, and the need for things that brings us culture, joy, and memories! You know what brings us culture, joy, and memories that last a lifetime? Traveling! Whether you are an avid traveler or a non-traveler, we could all benefit from traveling more this year! Side note: For my frequent travelers, this list will definitely give you a few more points in case you have to justify your reasoning for more travel!

1) Find Yourself


Traveling gives you the opportunity to reflect on your current life and what you want for yourself. It provides much needed space and time to learn more about yourself. The experiences you have while traveling gives you insight into who you are and how you apply this knowledge of self to your everyday life.

2) Expand Your Perspective

When you travel, you are unknowingly opening up your mind. Being exposed to new people, places, and cultures, helps you understand that there is no single way to live life. You see and often learn that the world views, interests, and beliefs of others are not the same as your own. These differences help you develop a wider world view and opens you up to consider new ideas that had not previously crossed your mind.

3) Escape From Reality

Dealing with the everyday stresses of life; a bad breakup, the loss of a loved one, or a demanding job, can be draining and ultimately bring periods of extreme unhappiness. Traveling offers relief as you can temporarily escape from the stress and give you a good mental and physical energy boost.

Enjoying time in a place with nice weather, amazing scenery, and literally everything unlike home, will give you a chance to heal. Travel gives you the space you need to reflect, collect, and return home more at peace and better equipped to deal with life and its challenges.

4) Challenge Yourself

If you’ve been stuck in your day to day routine or just wanting something new and exciting, traveling will give you the space to explore something different. Travel will push you to test yourself and your limits, which ultimately puts you outside of your comfort zone.

Discovering how to find your way around a busy city or ordering a meal in a foreign language will show you how resourceful you can be when exposed to new places, people, and experiences. Taking in new experiences and overcoming challenges will bring you joy, give you energy to face future tests in life, and build your self-confidence.


5) Appreciate Your Life

It is east to lose sight of what you have when you’re buried in your daily life. You aren’t open to who and what is really special about your life. Traveling to different places will give you a profound appreciation for your city and country, and if you’re gone for an extended period, you will even miss your loved ones. When you return home, it’s likely that you will feel more appreciative of where you live and understand why Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.”

6) Learn Something New

If you want to experience something unfamiliar or learn new skills and knowledge, then traveling is your best bet! Exploring the world is often more educational and fulfilling than any class. When you travel, you’re likely learning about the history, customs, and cultures of your destination. Each destination has something unique to teach you, if you allow yourself to be immersed in their world. Whether it’s a new language, cuisine, faith, or spirituality, you are bound to learn something new and even become a better global citizen!

7) Build and Strengthen Relationships

Travel can bring people together through a shared experience. Family reunions, a girl’s weekend trip, or even a romantic getaway can strengthen your bonds with special people. With the chaos of our day to day lives, it may be difficult to find much time to spend with the people you care about most. Traveling together can ignite sparks for couples and give both families and friends an opportunity to catch up and grow closer.

Travel is also a great opportunity to meet and make new friends with other travelers or locals. Befriending new people offers you a valuable benefit in terms of traveling as you could possibly visit them or travel with them in the future.

8) Rest and Relaxation


There is not a single person that could not benefit from a break of everyday life. Travel can help you disconnect from the world and renew yourself. While you may have an idea of what a relaxing trip may look like, all you really need to do is to relax and live in the moment. Traveling helps your mind refocus and gives your body a nice recharge that you wouldn’t typically get at home. Travel is sure to improve your mood and overall outlook on life.

9) Need For Adventure

If you’re like most people, exploring a new place or experience gives you a thrill. Travel allows you to do something that wouldn’t or couldn’t do back at home. Whether scuba diving, hiking up a mountain, or eating street food, you will have fun and get a rush from your adventures in a different place.

10) Celebrate!

Who ever said you needed a reason to celebrate with a trip? Celebrating life is reason enough to travel this year. Of course, celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, graduation, or even a wedding are great reasons to take a trip as well. Special occasions are made even more special when celebrating with loved ones away from home. Celebrating life and all the special moments with family and friends provides the greatest benefit of all: memories together that last a lifetime!