Life After Leaving Corporate America

I left Corporate America 5 months ago and it was the best decision for my sanity. I was in a super toxic environment and dealt with a manager who was constantly trying to attack my character, reputation, & damn near had me go TF off daily.  It was one of the easiest jobs I ever had, but I hated going to work! It was even starting to make me sick and depressed.

Since I left, I've learned so much about myself while figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with Queen On The Go!  It's been the scariest 5 months of my life, but the clarity that i've gained in the process is absolutely amazing!  I've learned the true value of my skillset and I can now position myself to be paid what I'm worth!

The opportunities and doors that are starting to open are proof that I'm moving in the right direction.  While I may go back into Corporate America at some point, I can say that it will be on my terms.  This experience has taught me that putting my self care first will always ensure that I'm in a position to win!

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